Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Charles Darwin's birthday, let's talk about Natural Selection.

Why have I been neglecting this blog? It's a combination of health and economics. I'm turning fifty years old in July. I don't drink alcohol so I don't go to bars. I'm on a tight budget so I avoid restaurants and coffee shops. I work out of my apartment on my computer. I most frequently get out for groceries. That's it.

I'm a member of some groups, but my social skills just don't cut it. I'm not good in large groups and I'm too slow to interact in conversations so I usually wind up just listening. Some people are polite enough to engage me for a while, but they eventually grow tired. I probably don't interact properly, but nobody ever cared enough to tell me so I don't know.

My whole life I think I had one girlfriend for about two years starting when I was about fourteen years old. When we first met it seemed like a mutual "love-at-first-sight" situation and we held hands and kissed a lot, but then I didn't see her for a few years and we lost touch. I had a couple of lucky make-out sessions in middle school for a total of about five minutes during gym class behind the stage curtain. After that I had crush after crush on girls and after seventeen or eighteen spurned advances I finally got a clue that I just didn't qualify for Natural Selection.

I hear stories about how my cousins met their wives through their friends. It hurts to know that people I thought were my friends wouldn't have a first thought about introducing me to anyone, but I suppose that's part of Natural Selection.