Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New logo

Not on the site yet, but I've been working on a new logo. I'm not sure if someone else is using this configuration, but it scales down to icon size very nicely. I may consider changing the colors later.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

So-called "experts" on low and middle income

In today's Illinois State Journal-Register (dated 01/29/2011) the first headline of the City/State section reads "Experts: Tax hike will hurt families with low, middle incomes most." The subheading reads "Structure of taxing everyone at same rate 'disadvantages poor people.'

The second paragraph starts with the following quote:

It's especially going to hurt lower-income folks -- those who are just starting out in careers or are struggling for whatever reason, who have incomes in the $20,000-$40,000 range.

Excuse me, did you say struggling with incomes in the twenty to forty thousand dollar range? Where did you get your experts, Panther Creek? Fox Meadow subdivision?

The minimum wage here is $8.25 per hour. Full time that's a gross annual salary of $15,840. After taxes and deductions I'm lucky if I bring home $850 a month. Gee, what do I do? I'm a security guard at a hospital. Do you feel safe now?

The newspaper article continues with a profile of a family that moved to Springfield from Florida only a year and a half ago because the wife got a job at Memorial Medical Center, Miraculously, the husband got a job with the state. I guess the fastest way to a state job is through Memorial Medical Center. So that's the secret, well isn't that just wonderful.

The husband said between him and his wife they make less than $50,000 a year and they have two kids, yet they must ride the bus to make ends meet. Give me a f###ing break!

The good news is that they are planning to move back to Florida so some positions for local people might open up soon.

Before the election, Governor Quinn promised only to raise the tax from 3 percent to 4.5 percent and include exemptions for low income earners. NOPE! Exemptions were left out entirely and the tax went to 5 percent. Oh, he also promised to "fumigate" the state of employees hired by ousted governor Rod Blagojevich, he didn't do that either as far as I can tell.

Meanwhile, Michael Madigan who holds the record for term of service and who leads the Illinois Legislature, has stood by for more than thirty years there, and watched the state spend itself into oblivion.

The voters keep electing the same people who have been spending the states money like there is no tomorrow.

Here is a link to the timeline showing who they are.