Friday, March 14, 2008

Some quick notes

I worked for six months in a room populated mostly by women who often forgot that I was there and comfortably spoke their minds. I noticed some interesting differences between men and women after listening for quite some time.

Managing money:

Most of the ladies with whom I worked were married and spoke generously about their nuptial financial arrangements. Their husbands always seeemed to have the same responses during shopping. "We can't afford that."

One woman said that her husband ordered something in the mail and wouldn't tell her what it was. She was furious. Somewhere in the conversation she said "I keep track of every penny so I know exactly what I can spend." That got me thinking.

Men manage money by pretending they don't have any at all, until they see something they really like. Women manage money by keeping track of every cent, knowing immediately if an item they see is affordable.

Which is the lesser of two evils? No clue.

The odor:

My room sometimes has an odor that lingers even after I clean it. Turns out it's my laundry.

I once was lazy and started buying extra underwear on weekends I didn't feel like doing laundry. I accumulated a large quantity of socks and shorts and would neglect them until the dresser drawer was empty.

Just having a laundry basket with more than one week's laundry can be offensive to others even if you get used to it, and believe me, you do get used to it. Throw all your extra socks and shorts out. Don't keep more than will last between one laundry cycle.